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A few songs from my solo album, SOMETIMEBOY:

Words by Anders Oland
Music by Anders Oland & Nikolai Storr
Produced & engineered by Anders Oland in O-land Studio, Copenhagen.
Performed by Anders Øland, Nikolai Storr, Las Nissen, Jesper Elnegaard & Stefan Pasborg.

Pop Videos

Worldwide no. 1 Hit – Written by Anders Øland & Aqua:

Grammy-award winning no. 1 hit single.
Written, Produced, Mixed, Mastered & Performed by Anders Øland & Christian Møller Nielsen:

(yes… it is me, singing.)

Barcode Brothers

Written, Produced, Mixed, Mastered & Performed by Anders Øland & Christian Møller Nielsen

Due to copyright issues, I cannot upload other than these two tracks.
More music on iTunes:

Music for Documentaries

Written, Produced & Performed by Anders Øland & Nikolai Storr

Pop Songs

Written & Produced by Anders Øland. Mixed & Mastered by Anders Øland & Anders Schumann

Examples of things I recorded & engineered in my studio


These C64 tracks were made when I was 13-16 years old. Note that this machine only had three notes of polyphony.

One of my compositions for the game Industrial Rebound (Interactivision, 1991):

You can find the rest of the music for the game on the ABOUT ME page.

Some of my other C64 work has been made available through this cool project: (There is also an iPhone app).

C64 Game

At age sixteen, I skipped out of high school (not exactly with my father’s blessing) to work for a Danish software company, Interactivision, programming and doing music and sfx for games on the C64 and Amiga. I made this game in 1991 – everything except for the graphics (done by Palle Olsen):

My joystick is not working anymore, so I couldn’t move the crosshairs properly…